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Sparkling Syrah

This red wine was crafted from 100% Syrah grapes. The skin was left in with the juice to macerate and give the wine it’s deep scarlet hue. No oak barrels were used for this uncharacteristically bubbly Syrah. The wine was made into a sparkling by the Methode Champenoise. The rich body and crisp bubbles make this a staff favorite for a grand feast. It was the structure to stand with any strong protean and the balanced acid and refreshing fizz to wash down the whole spread. 


With devotion, care, and careful attention, Treveri sparkling Syrah exudes sophistication and elegance, making it a paradigm of perfection. Red effervescence cascades through this sparkling, matched equally by dark fruit and complex yeast tones.


Brut Rose

Crisp and complex, Treveri Cellars Sparkling Rosé boasts hints of berries and citrus, creating a blend of delicious and enticing flavors. Rosé pairs well with any dish, and its versatile profile is sure to lavish your meal with luxury and class.


Sparkling Mueller-Thurgau

This varietal is a hybrid between a Riesling and Gutedel grape and has some mineral characteristics of Riesling with a nice citrus note at the finish. Sugar content is 23 grams per liter.

Pinot Gris- Extra Sec

We all have that friend who always, without a doubt, will order “the grigio”. There is a reason Pinot Grigio (aka Pinot Gris) is a popular pick. It is lightly fruity yet still dry on the finish making it great solo or with food. In the spirit of expanding horizons, pick up a few bottles of this pretty sparkling version of an old favorite. Treveri bring us an elegant fresh Pinot Gris made in the Methode Champenoise. The color is just slightly golden and is beautiful for any important toast. A sophisticated and refreshing reflection of luxury, Treveri Cellar's sparkling Pinot Gris offers a semi-dry finish that will delight the senses and invigorate the mind. This sparkling wine proves that in vino veritas- in wine, truth. RS: 16 g/l


Blanc de Blanc

Smooth, complex and crisp, Treveri Brut demands indulgence and brings clear perspective to your moment. The fresh and dry finish enhances this bubbly, and brings luxury to any occasion. Sugar content is 14 grams per liter.
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