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2008 Malbec

CC Red Wine

Wine Details

Appelation: Yakima Valley

Vineyard(s): Crawford Vineyard

Blend: Malbec

Harvest Date:

Bottling Date:

Alcohol: 14.3%

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Retail Price: $25.00 / Cases:

Camaraderie Cellars 

"Malbec is a what?", one of our visitors asked. I tried to explain that it is a grape variety of the Bordeaux region of France, that it has become very popular in Chile and Argentina, and just plain good. For all of Malbec's world history, all that seemed to matter to our visitor was that it was really tasty. And that it is! And, maybe that's all that really matters with any wine, what ever its name.

Could Malbec be another "rising star" for Washington State wines? Yes, but only as it is a part of a whole constellation of stars rising for the region. Malbec is not widely grown in the state and when it is, it is usually used in blending to make Bordeaux-styled blends all the more luscious.

We are very pleased to have gotten a little extra Malbec from our Crawford Family Vineyard partners in Yakima Valley's Prosser and produced a whopping 105 cases of this rare-to- Washington wine. Early reviews by visitors to the winery include words like, "wow", "oh my", "yum", and an occasional sigh and smile when words don't fit.

We harvest Malbec late in the season (mid-to late October) and the comparatively cool site of the Crawford Vineyard allows for "hang time" to let flavors get deeper and deeper. We fermented in small lots (with only two tons, what else?), kept fermentation temperatures on the cool side, and "voila" (or is that Walla). Barrel aging was in neutral oak, and the combination produced very fruit expressive wine that will hold up with anything its foreign siblings have to offer.

Of the "Bordeaux" varieties, Malbec is the most iconoclastic from our experience. Taste for near citrus elements and something that might be a cross between Syrah and Zinfandel (yes, I know that sounds odd, but É) Cherry, pit fruit, and berry flavors mark Malbec's Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon neighbors, but seem to have chosen to take a back seat to Malbec's choice to be different.

Enjoy this wine with foods that need a complementary spiciness. We have had it with salad with blood orange dressing and a wonderful traditional Hungarian Goulash. What ever you have it with, make sure you have it with friends and celebrate uniqueness and the philosophy at Camaraderie that the best things in life really are meant to be shared.

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