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Wineglass Cellars

David and Linda Lowe
The desire to return to our country life roots combined with our passion for wine was reason enough to say good-bye to Seattle. Owners/winemakers Linda and David Lowe established Wineglass Cellars in 1994. We are a small winery and built to stay that way.

Wineglass Cellars was founded in 1994 by David and Linda Lowe.  Our first crush was 1994 and the following May we opened for sales and tasting.

David grew up in a small town in Eastern Oregon and Linda grew up in the Yakima Valley. We both wanted the small town life for our two sons Steven and Patrick.  We also enjoyed a love of wine from touring the Oregon wine country over many years and, starting in the mid ‘80s, touring the Yakima Valley wine country.

Our desire for country life when combined with our love of wine made for a perfect "escape from the big city (Seattle)" plan.  In the winter of 1993 we moved onto the three acres we presently live on. The following year we purchased a horse barn from a neighbor which is now Wineglass Cellars Winery and Tasting Room.

The philosophy of wine making at Wineglass Cellars is hands on.  We keep production small and quality very high. This enables us to closely control the quality from vintage crush to labeling of the bottles. Wineglass Cellars only buys the highest quality grapes from the Yakima Valley, and California to produce its wines.  When we talk of hand crafted wines we mean it!  This is also cause for lots of tired days during crush and press.

The emphasis at Wineglass Cellars is on red wines.  Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay from the Yakima Valley rounds out our current offerings. Wineglass Cellars is a small winery producing 2500 cases per year.

The winery is  located in the Yakima Valley.  Our cozy tasting room has a lovely view of the surrounding apple orchards of Zillah, Washington. 

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