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Latitude 46° North


Our winemaking is founded on Old World methods combined with New World fruit

Latitude 46° North falls just south of the town of Walla Walla, Washington, and runs through the great viticultural regions of our state.  The blending of wine from great sites, coupled with meticulous winemaking, creates wines of added complexity and nuance.  We produce wine in the purest expression of Washington State winegrowing.

Latitude 46° N Winery is a small winery owned by four families. Old World methods combined with New World fruit are the ideals of winemaking that we have based our foundation on. We currently produce  Syrah and Grenache blends from various Columbia Valley Vineyards & Merlot.

The Vineyards used to create the wines of Latitude 46º N are grown, under our supervision, through long-term contracts with managers we consider friends.  There may be grapes from 8-10 different Vineyards in one season.  We prefer to buy fruit by the actual row of vines, than by the ton.  This method provides extensive opportunities to adapt the microclimate of the fruit to our desired endpoint.  We will harvest at the optimum level of flavor, not sugar.  Our Vineyard Managers give amazing amounts of tolerance to our requests and desires.

The harvest time at the winery is an exciting period.  Each lot of grapes is fermented separately. Reds are fermented in small ¾ ton fermenters and punched down by hand. These wines are pressed gently with a membrane press at the peak of flavor and tannin maturation. Barrels are selected for specifically complementing varieties and Vineyards. White wines are fermented in neutral barrels to promote slight oxidative fermentation, without oak flavor addition.  Blending is an exercise taken very seriously.  Complexity, seamlessness and sheer intensity are the intentions behind the blended wines of Latitude 46º N.

We hope that all the work, friendship and pride that we put into our winegrowing is echoed in the bottle, and in your glass.

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